thalassman's code

Thalassman’s Code is NOW AVAILABLE!

Hey everyone!

I am super excited to announce that Thalassman’s Code is available now for purchase on Amazon in both print and digital formats. It is surreal to finally be putting this thing out after years of work. In one sense, it is nervewracking because, even with the amount of work that has gone into it, you always feel like you could do one more read-thru to tweak and adjust (or catch more typos!). But at a certain point, you just have to let the story be told.

I am proud the story, characters, and the world they inhabit. I’m actually already hard at work on book 2. I really hope you pick it up and give it a chance. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can even read it FOR FREE!

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a reality.

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