A Novel
by Evan Godbold

In the decades since the Disaster decimated the global population, millions of colonists from Luna have been earnestly rebuilding the derelict cities of Earth. But at the dawn of the twenty-fourth century, humanity doesn’t look like it used to. On the rainy streets of a resettled Houston, Texas, the Empath Ford Thalassman must use his wits, charisma, connections, and even his gills to assist an intriguing new client from Luna. She may have uncovered data that could once again change the fate of humanity.

But Ford has his limits. As the enemies multiply and the stakes get higher, even his partner, Stan, and his virtual assistant, Oz, may not be enough. That’s when Ford enlists an old contact to help—an erratic but brilliant Lunan Machinist who will use all of her ingenuity and shrewdness to get the job done (as long as she gets paid).

In an adventure that takes him from the murky depths of Buffalo Bayou to the pinnacle of Lunan civilization in Armstrong and back to Earth to the wasteland beyond the safe zone, Ford Thalassman will be confronted with his past, his future, and his faith.

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Thalassman's Code by Evan Godbold

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thalassman's code

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