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I Wrote a Book!

Yes. You read that right. I wrote a book, and very soon you will be able to buy it on Amazon as either a paperback or a Kindle ebook. 

Wild. I know.

Many of you, if you are reading this, probably are friends and acquaintances that want to know what the book is about.  Long story short, it’s a science fiction adventure story set in a far future where everyone has superhuman or even non-human abilities. It initially started with a halfhearted attempt almost a decade ago. The idea in my head at the time was the simple question: What if everyone had some sort of seemingly superhuman or even just non-human ability. What if literally everyone had superpowers?

Then I went to seminary, my wife and I had our first child, we moved back to Tomball, started fostering, and I sort of set it aside. I didn’t really start trying to write again in earnest until about four years ago. The book that I started working on morphed into Thalassman’s code, which became something very different.

While, the original conceit of the book remained, as I started to imagine a future where that could be the case, the world sort of morphed, and became something a lot more complex. I ended up with a world nearly three centuries in the future that incorporated a lot of concepts: genetic engineering, AI, nanotech, space travel, and more. It also pushes in on a lot of ethical questions regarding some of those technologies, particularly genetic engineering.

I will dig deeper into the setting and characters in future posts. For now, you can watch this introductory video. And I am pleased to say, you can preorder the ebook today!

The way Amazon works, only the Kindle version is available for preorder. So, ebook lovers, go for it! For those that would like to purchase a copy on paperback, that will be available (hopefully) the same day the Kindle goes live for sale, November 12.

I am really excited to get to share this with you. It’s been a long road getting to this point and feels all the more surreal to be on the big marketing push, so I’d love for you to share this news with others.

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